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Introduction of HP

Atelier Naoko always inform you the hot news about Japanese culture in English, French, and Japanese. We would like to increase the number of workshops and develop according to your requests besides present ones. Japanese traditional culture including some traditional foods and games has declined. Those should be succeeded forever, from generation to generation, so we propose the senior people who had a lot of experiences in the Japanese golden age to be instructors and we hope that it will be good chance to develop it worldwide as the culture experience for the foreigners.

Manager of Atelier Naoko

Naoko Takenobu


Studied English and American literature for 4 years at university. Studied in America for 1year at 3rd grade of university student. In 1987, entered ADEKA Corporation, and at the International Plastic Additives section, played a key role to expand the global business.
Responsible for supply chain management and analyzing sales and market of 7 overseas subsidiary companies. In 2007, joined BIC JAPAN, French company. Improved the company’s structure for supply chain management and customer service with good negotiations and a lot of countermeasures. Responsible for making solutions for all problems like customers complaints against the quality of the products and matters of great urgency. Received the company’s award of the year as most responsible person, 4times.
Since 2006, started studying French and still enjoy French lessons in the school now.